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When it is time for home improvement projects there are many choices available – but the reliably safe choice is Villa AnastasiaCreating long-term, trusting relationships with customers is what sets us apart from other home improvement companies.  We promise to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.  We refuse to cut corners on materials, labor or any of the details that will transform your house into a showplace. We are specialized in home improvement in residential and commercial exterior re-conditioning. Starting with the first nail to the last shingle, we take pride in every step, of every project. When you contract with Villa Anastasia you can rest assured that we will arrive on time and work diligently and efficiently to ensure your project is done to your complete satisfaction, on time and on a budget.



For a leaking roof, call us for a fast and quality roof repair. Our team is courteous and believes in honest, straightforward service, making us one of the top reviewed roof repair specialists in our area.


Our exterior painting services are in high demand because of our meticulous process.  Every surface is cleaned and properly prepared before we begin painting. With our team, it is an easy & seamless process.


Whether you need deck or porches repair or a complete rebuild, Villa Anastasia has talented craftsmen ready to assist you with the project. We offer material options made of pressure treated wood or synthetics.



Siding can be more energy efficient and will help save you money on those high cooling bills – as well as increase your home’s value.


Windows for those that want a paintable, composite window and Simonton Windows for the best in durable vinyl.


The condition of a front door speaks silent volumes to visitors. The style and color of your entry door will provide a comforting welcome.

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What are the Best Roofing Tiles for Florida?

People who live in Florida know they need to consider some important factors when it comes to protecting their homes from the elements. There are challenges all year round, from strong UV radiation and wind, to heavy rain and even hurricanes. Let`s just remember hurricanes Irma and Harvey that devastated coastal regions, damaging everything in their way.

A building can be easily destroyed by bad weather if its roof fails to hold against the elements.

How to prevent your roof from being severely damaged or even blown off the top of the building?

Florida is a really beautiful state, with great architecture and roofs that complement it, because the roof is not just the element that protects your home from the weather, it also plays an important role in defining the exterior aspect of a building. At the same time, the roof can provide additional space (the attic), and, if built with quality materials, it will withstand weather successfully, while also providing a good thermal insulation, which will reduce energy bills.

In this article, we are going to present you some of the most popular roofing marshals in Florida. We removed asphalt shingles from this list, even though it is still the most popular choice all over the country, because we want to offer suggestions for more durable materials, even if their price is higher.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are one of the oldest and most traditional roofing materials. They have been used for so long that it would be silly to contest their efficiency. They are commonly seen in Florida and for a good reason: clay tiles can last over a half of a century, they are not susceptible from being damaged by rot, insects, extreme UV radiation or salty air, which means they are resilient even for homes built close to the ocean.

They are resistant to fire and wind and are also very attractive. Of course, they have their drawbacks, just like any other material. Clay tiles put a lot of weight on a roof, so owners must ensure that the resistance structure can bear such a roof. They are also more expensive than some other materials, although they represent a really good value.

Slate Roofing

Slate roof tiles are probably the most long-living material; oftentimes, such a roof will last for more than 100 years, which is definitely impressive. Just as impressive is the aspect of a slate roof. Slate is a natural material, very beautiful and suitable for so many different styles, especially considering the wide range of colors and appearances it is available in. This material has also been used for hundreds of years and it is going to be used for very long from now. Slate roofs are green and provide great protection in any weather conditions.

Just like clay tiles, they are a very heavy material. It requires Panama City roofing company specialists to be installed, repaired or replaced and it is quite expensive too.

Metal Roofing

Metal roPanama City roofing company - metal roofingofs are highly durable, insect-resistant, impervious to weather and reflective (they reflect solar heat rather than absorbing it into the structure). They are also lightweight and a perfect choice for homes anywhere in hurricane zones.

Drawbacks include the price and the aspect, which is not as attractive as other roofing tiles.

What Are The Best Warehouse Shelving Manufacturers?

If you are looking for special equipment for a warehouse, it is best to turn to the advice of a specialist. If you decide to do this alone, you have to know the particularities of your space and the type of shelving that suits best your storage needs. You do not have to hurry and buy any shelves you find in the first place; it is good to choose a brand that offers quality and safety products in terms of functionality and structural strength.

The best warehouse shelving manufacturers that sell pallet racking offer a wide range of services regarding storage systems used for commercial spaces and warehouses. The services are complete with regard to selling different types of shelving systems for shops, supermarkets, offices, warehouses and other commercial or industrial spaces.

All kinds of products can be purchased for different prices: various types of industrial racking systems and commercial shelving options alike.

To store heavy goods in your warehouse, you need metal racks that are made of steel and withstand overloads. Metal racking systems are perfect for storage and come in a variety of types and designs. If we compare them with shelves made from other materials – glass, wood or plastic, for instance – we can say that they are of superior quality because they are significantly more resistant.

The warehouses of large retailers use cantilever racks, due to the provided space efficiency and capacity to bare heavy goods. They can store a wide range of products and constitute a cost-effective solution compared to other storage shelving systems.

pallet racking manufacturing sales

What are some of the most well-known manufacturers of warehouse shelving in the country?

To help you get a general idea, here is a list of brands worth considering. The list is in alphabetic order and can be continued with many other names.

  • A&A Surplus
  • AZ Rack
  • American Surplus
  • Advance Storage Products
  • Bulldog Rack Co.
  • Elite Storage Solutions
  • Everything Warehouse
  • Global Industrial
  • Industrial Shelving System Inc
  • Material Handling Exchange
  • North American Steel Racking Shelving
  • Pallet Rack Surplus, Inc.
  • Shelving, Inc.
  • SJF Material Handling
  • Store Fixtures, USA
  • Warehouse Rack & Shelf

How to choose the best warehouse shelving manufacturer

It doesn`t matter how large is your warehouse; you can always find a warehouse shelving provider for your needs. Your manufacturer must help you  decide on the best  warehouse racking, so you must be ready to provide some important information:

  • What is your available storage area?
  • What items do you want to store?
  • Are you considering pallets?
  • Will you utilize a forklift?
  • What are your product flow requirements?
  • What is the type of storage environment (humid, freezer, etc.)?

Make sure that the manufacturer you choose is also ready to provide custom shelving options, upgrades to existing racking systems, maximum storage density in the warehouse, as well as compliance with performance and safety standards. Finally yet important, whenever you purchase new products, make sure you also get warranties and after sale support.

A good manufacturer combines knowledge with hands-on experience to provide you the best warehouse shelving systems.

DIY Gutter Fixes to Improve Gutter Durability

The gutters that divert water away from the walls of your house to prevent water damage are sturdy and resistant components of the home, but even so, they need your attention every once in a while – here are some easy to do, DIY gutter fixes that can ensure the functionality of your gutter pipes and also make sure that your gutters will live longer.

Fasten and Fix Loose Gutters

Hanging or sagging gutters cannot provide a smooth enough path for the water, what’s more, the weight of the water can drag down the entire loose gutter section. Fortunately, the issue is easy to fix: climb up on a ladder to the fastener or the hanger bracket that holds the lose pipe section and screw or nail it back into place.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogging is one of the most common gutter-related problems experienced by homeowners. Gutters tend to gather all sorts of debris, from the nuts and seeds gathered by squirrels and dropped while running on the roof to dries twigs and leaves falling off the trees above the roof and from the debris carried by the wind to animal nests. When such debris accumulates in the gutter and forms clogs, the gutter pipe can no longer direct rain water away from the walls of the house, causing water damage not only to the walls, but potentially to the basement and to the foundation of the house as well.

Fortunately, gutter clogging is also easy to fix on your own – just climb up to the pipe with a bucket and an object that you can use for scraping off and for collecting debris, transfer all the debris to your bucket, then dispose of it. Check the gutter spouts for clogs as well – you will not be able to see where the clogs are, so introduce a plumber’s snake or a piece of long, strong wire into the pipe and move it up and down and around until you are sure the entire section is clog-free.gutter installation

You can also prevent gutter clogging in the future by installing gutter guards – these devices are installed either on top of the gutters or inside the pipes and they gather the debris before it reaches inside the pipes. Wichita KS roofing companies can help you decide which gutters work best with your house and budget. You will still need to do some cleaning, but the guards are much easier to handle than the gutter pipes.

Gutter Leaks

Nowadays you can find many different types of seamless gutter pipes, but if your gutters are not new, they probably consist of multiple sections joined together. Gutter pipes are usually weaker at the seams, so the best way to get rid of the leak is by fortifying the seams with some sealant. Most hardware and building material stores sell seam sealers – find a self-leveling product of liquid consistency, then remove any residues of the old sealant, apply the new one and leave it to dry.

These DIY gutter fixes are not difficult to do, but they are very beneficial for ensure your gutters stay functional and they protect your home the way you expect them to.

Construction in Dallas

Dallas, more precisely the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is among the fastest growing metro areas in the US, with construction in Dallas being among the fastest growing sectors of industry in the state of Texas. Development is visible in all areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth economy and, consequently, in all areas of construction as well – here is a short overview of the trends governing the local building industry.

skyscrapers at night in Dallas

Residential Construction

Dallas suburbs have been steadily growing for the last few years and the development is likely to continue as well. Single-family homes, multi-family houses, condos and apartment blocks are all very much in demand and demand generates more and more construction projects. Apartments in mega-complexes that have their own recreation centers and other facilities to serve the comfort of the residents are also very much sought after, so development is taking place in that direction as well.

Suburban development increases the demand for shopping and entertainment facilities as well – there are already several new malls and recreational centers under construction and new projects are likely to start soon.


The Dallas economy has been steadily growing for quite some time, permanently attracting new businesses to come and relocate their headquarters to the Texas capital. Businesses need offices, so growth in the business sector in general entails growth in office construction as well.

Commercial Facilities

Dallas is a major industrial center, with the most important sectors including defense, semiconductors manufacturing, processing and transportation. The industrial companies in these sectors all expect to be able to continue the growth they have experienced in recent years and growth in this context also means growing demand for production facilities, warehouses, distribution hubs and production facilities.


Dallas is becoming an attractive tourist destination as well, generating growing demand for new hotels, recreation centers, parking facilities and retail spaces.

Infrastructure Development

There are numerous ongoing construction projects in the area of infrastructural development as well. Population growth and urbanization come with the increasing demand for new roads, bridges, flyovers and other similar structures as well as for the repair and maintenance of the existing structures and the demand for green solutions is also increasing. There are several railroad and airfield construction projects going on currently and commercial shipping arteries will also expand.

There are several projects going on to relieve traffic in Dallas, such as major road reconstructions and new road construction as well.

Building Styles

Architecture, whether the design of residential buildings, of offices or of commercial buildings, have always been governed by trends. What everyone in Dallas seems to be looking for nowadays is clean, modern design and enhanced functionality. Mediterranean facades are still very much in demand, but the trendiest and hottest interior spaces are sleek and elegant in a minimalist way.

The new construction projects are reshaping the face of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex at a very fast pace. Large and small building projects, residential, commercial, industrial projects, infrastructure development projects are all there to guarantee that construction in Dallas and in the area surrounding the anchor city will grow and flourish and general contractor Dallas professionals will stay busy for a long time!








I love the look of the new roof, the color, and the architectural profile. You are doing such a nice job, and setting up the appointment and the proper expectations.

Latoya N. Oliva

The attention the managers provided during all phases kept things moving smoothly. The crews were hard-working, courteous, punctual and kept the worksite clean and orderly.

Levi Williams

They’ve done three roofs on three different houses. They come when they say they’re going to come, do what they say they’re going to do. They’re fantastic, easy to work with.

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