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Dallas, more precisely the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is among the fastest growing metro areas in the US, with construction in Dallas being among the fastest growing sectors of industry in the state of Texas. Development is visible in all areas of the Dallas-Fort Worth economy and, consequently, in all areas of construction as well – here is a short overview of the trends governing the local building industry.

skyscrapers at night in Dallas

Residential Construction

Dallas suburbs have been steadily growing for the last few years and the development is likely to continue as well. Single-family homes, multi-family houses, condos and apartment blocks are all very much in demand and demand generates more and more construction projects. Apartments in mega-complexes that have their own recreation centers and other facilities to serve the comfort of the residents are also very much sought after, so development is taking place in that direction as well.

Suburban development increases the demand for shopping and entertainment facilities as well – there are already several new malls and recreational centers under construction and new projects are likely to start soon.


The Dallas economy has been steadily growing for quite some time, permanently attracting new businesses to come and relocate their headquarters to the Texas capital. Businesses need offices, so growth in the business sector in general entails growth in office construction as well.

Commercial Facilities

Dallas is a major industrial center, with the most important sectors including defense, semiconductors manufacturing, processing and transportation. The industrial companies in these sectors all expect to be able to continue the growth they have experienced in recent years and growth in this context also means growing demand for production facilities, warehouses, distribution hubs and production facilities.


Dallas is becoming an attractive tourist destination as well, generating growing demand for new hotels, recreation centers, parking facilities and retail spaces.

Infrastructure Development

There are numerous ongoing construction projects in the area of infrastructural development as well. Population growth and urbanization come with the increasing demand for new roads, bridges, flyovers and other similar structures as well as for the repair and maintenance of the existing structures and the demand for green solutions is also increasing. There are several railroad and airfield construction projects going on currently and commercial shipping arteries will also expand.

There are several projects going on to relieve traffic in Dallas, such as major road reconstructions and new road construction as well.

Building Styles

Architecture, whether the design of residential buildings, of offices or of commercial buildings, have always been governed by trends. What everyone in Dallas seems to be looking for nowadays is clean, modern design and enhanced functionality. Mediterranean facades are still very much in demand, but the trendiest and hottest interior spaces are sleek and elegant in a minimalist way.

The new construction projects are reshaping the face of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex at a very fast pace. Large and small building projects, residential, commercial, industrial projects, infrastructure development projects are all there to guarantee that construction in Dallas and in the area surrounding the anchor city will grow and flourish and general contractor Dallas professionals will stay busy for a long time!