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The gutters that divert water away from the walls of your house to prevent water damage are sturdy and resistant components of the home, but even so, they need your attention every once in a while – here are some easy to do, DIY gutter fixes that can ensure the functionality of your gutter pipes and also make sure that your gutters will live longer.

Fasten and Fix Loose Gutters

Hanging or sagging gutters cannot provide a smooth enough path for the water, what’s more, the weight of the water can drag down the entire loose gutter section. Fortunately, the issue is easy to fix: climb up on a ladder to the fastener or the hanger bracket that holds the lose pipe section and screw or nail it back into place.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogging is one of the most common gutter-related problems experienced by homeowners. Gutters tend to gather all sorts of debris, from the nuts and seeds gathered by squirrels and dropped while running on the roof to dries twigs and leaves falling off the trees above the roof and from the debris carried by the wind to animal nests. When such debris accumulates in the gutter and forms clogs, the gutter pipe can no longer direct rain water away from the walls of the house, causing water damage not only to the walls, but potentially to the basement and to the foundation of the house as well.

Fortunately, gutter clogging is also easy to fix on your own – just climb up to the pipe with a bucket and an object that you can use for scraping off and for collecting debris, transfer all the debris to your bucket, then dispose of it. Check the gutter spouts for clogs as well – you will not be able to see where the clogs are, so introduce a plumber’s snake or a piece of long, strong wire into the pipe and move it up and down and around until you are sure the entire section is clog-free.gutter installation

You can also prevent gutter clogging in the future by installing gutter guards – these devices are installed either on top of the gutters or inside the pipes and they gather the debris before it reaches inside the pipes. Wichita KS roofing companies can help you decide which gutters work best with your house and budget. You will still need to do some cleaning, but the guards are much easier to handle than the gutter pipes.

Gutter Leaks

Nowadays you can find many different types of seamless gutter pipes, but if your gutters are not new, they probably consist of multiple sections joined together. Gutter pipes are usually weaker at the seams, so the best way to get rid of the leak is by fortifying the seams with some sealant. Most hardware and building material stores sell seam sealers – find a self-leveling product of liquid consistency, then remove any residues of the old sealant, apply the new one and leave it to dry.

These DIY gutter fixes are not difficult to do, but they are very beneficial for ensure your gutters stay functional and they protect your home the way you expect them to.