Roofs are a significant investment in every building. They protect us and our property against harsh elements, which is the reason we should take extra care when installing or repairing them. As such, any roofing task requires the services of an expert who can handle them in the right way. Once you decide to hire a roofer for installation or general maintenance, you will for sure have a difficult time unless you already know what to look for in those you want to hire. To ensure that you get the best roofing contractor, you should have a checklist during the process, and below is one of them. So, read on and ensure that you cover everything in it with your potential roofers so that you can rest assured to have your work in safe hands.


1. Experience and professionalism:

The first thing to look at before hiring a roofer is his skills and expertise in delivering the results. If you met the roofing contractor from an online source and not a recommendation from a friend who showed you an example of what the roofer can do, you should ask your roofer to prove his experience and professionalism. Ask the contractor about his education and how long he has been in this job. A qualified roofer needs to have gone through the training required, while he should have done a lot of tasks similar to yours before. Also, the roofer should be going through regular training to stay updated with all that is revolving in the roofing industry. So, confirm this too, as well as his membership with professional bodies in this industry.

2. Licenses:

A reputable roofer carries his license at all times. You will need to ask the roofer to provide you with his license for you to confirm that it is valid. Permits are vital, as they help you to narrow down on the number of contractors to interview, as a roofer with a license is one allowed by your state to perform your roofing having satisfied them that they have passed the tests required to do a good job. So, ensure that you have a look at this and confirm the number with the relevant authorities to ensure that it is genuine and up to date.

3. Insurance:

Insurance is a must as you hire a roofer. You contractor should have both a workman’s compensation insurance, as well as a general liability insurance. Why is insurance a must in the first place? As an example, consider yourself in a scenario where your contractor trips over the ladder and happens to break his neck. What happens next? You will have to rush him to the hospital where his insurance will cover his bills. However, without insurance, you will have to pay for his medical bills. On the other hand, imagine your roofer burning your property accidentally as he welds your roof. If he does not have a general liability insurance, you will have to incur all the losses. Hence, to avoid such issues and others that can crop up to make you liable, ensure that you only hire a contractor who has you covered in case of anything.

4. Warranty:

In addition to insurance, a reputable roofing contractor should have a contractor’s warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty. The former covers the roofer’s work while the latter covers the materials used. Once you hire a Dallas roofing company who guarantees both work and materials, you can be sure not to incur additional expenses to have additional repairs due to the fault of your roofer or his low-quality materials.

5. Reputation:

What is the name of the roofer you want to hire? This is something else you will need to add to your checklist. You do not want to hire a contractor with a bad name. A good roofer should have a good reputation among previous clients, to prove that he delivers his promises. So, check on what people say about him on online sources, or listen to what residents say about him. If the roofer has a good name, it is no doubt that he is worth your consideration. However, if the contractor has negative comments at all times, this means that you should look elsewhere.

6. References:

If you happen to bump into a roofing company without any recommendation, or if you happen to get a roofer via an online source where he has no reviews yet, it is crucial that once you meet the contractor in person, you ask him to provide some references. A good roofer is always proud of what he does and therefore has a list of previous customers to whom he refers his clients. So, ask about this, and if the contractor cannot provide some referees, that should raise a red flag as there is nothing to prove that he can handle your work.

7. Communication skills:

Does the roofer always pick your calls? Is he polite and does he communicate all stuff you need to know before you get to hear it from other persons? This is something that you need to consider before hiring one. You do not want to call your roofer in an emergency, and he fails to answer you. What’s more, you do not want to hire one who is not trustworthy and one who doesn’t communicate about issues that ought to happen to your roofs, only to suffer later of things that could be avoided. So, only hire a contractor with excellent communication skills.

8. Pricing:

Once you have covered all of the above with your roofer, pricing should now come to play. What does the roofer charge, and what is the basis of this pricing? Only work with one who charges reasonably based on the quality of his work. Do not go for the cheapest or the most expensive, unless they can prove to you that you will get the best value for your price. Remember, pricing should not be the overall determinant in your hiring decision.
We all want to hire roofers who can yield the results of what we expect. As such, ensure that you always have a copy of this before hiring a contractor to ensure that you get nothing but the best roofer.